Nicole van Leeuwen

Wie uit de Benelux wint de Fjällräven Polar 2014?

Een paar van de aanmeldingen voor de Fjällräven Polar 2014 willen we graag even uitlichten. Deze fans van Bergen Magazine zouden graag in aanmerking komen voor deze geweldige reis. Neem even een kijkje bij hun profielen en geef ze je stem.


Jo Hamperium, Amstelveen, Nederland

Stem op Jo

From patient to Fjällräven Polar participant? How a girl overcame cancer and wants to celebrate life!

Judith Lenderink (57 jaar), Almere-Buiten, Flevoland, Nederland

Stem op Judith

“I love Huskies very much and would like to be a musher of a sledge. By participating in Fjällräven Polar I want to prove that woman who are 57 years are able to do new experiences.”


Bianca Vink (40 jaar), Oosthuizen, Nederland

Stem op Bianca

“Being outdoors is one of my favourite things. Learning about the environment, respecting it and knowing mother nature always rules. Going back to basic, stepping out of the fast lane!”

Nicole van Leeuwen (23 jaar), Beekbergen, Nederland

Stem op Nicole

Nicole van Leeuwen

“This is a chance to be one with nature, to start an adventure, an endless fight with your mind, to find balance, get hold of the beauty, because it’s part of our world, part of our home, because I simply can't live without it.”


Xenia Koninckx (35 jaar), Lier, België

Stem op Xenia

“I think this is a great opportunity to bring the amazing Polar region into the classroom from first hand. So this challenge wouldn’t be only great for me, but would also be exciting for all my students, 300 a year.”

Evelyn Rij (22 jaar), Temse, België

Stem op Evelyn

“I never set up a tent. I never went on a winter holiday. So am I that inexperienced. BUT… I felt in love with nature and so I am since 13 years now. I love adventure and my eagerness to learn is infinite.”


Manon Kloosterman, Doesburg, Nederland

Stem op Manon

“I would love to learn how to survive in the winter wilderness. So small in such an overwhelming surrounding. I love to be part of a team and I believe in the power of people working together to reach our goals.”


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